July 6, 2018

Good morning Beulah, today’s specials are 1/2 rack of ribs with 2 sides for $15 make it a full rack for $20. We also have Fresh Great Lakes Walleye with hushpuppies and 2 sides for $22. Also for the first three orders of $50 or more we have a complimentary Area 31 t-shirt. Thank you CCC!

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(205) 555-2692

Good morning Beulah! We are taking today off to clean the trailer and restock food from an overwhelming response in Arcadia this week we will be back open tomorrow with some great specials hope to see you this weekend CCC.

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July 4, 2018

Good afternoon Arcadia, wow thank you for yet another great day!! I am a little behind getting started today but I am open! We will be open until at least 8 pm, if yesterday was any indication it will be later. If the window is still open you will be able to get food. Our special today is a family fun pack, it will contain enough food to feed 6-8 people! It will be available starting at 3pm you can call ahead to reserve yours. Start out by choosing either 12 wings or 12 Jumbo Boiled peel and eat shrimp, next is a full rack of ribs, 1 pound each of pulled Pork and pulled Chicken, and 3 – 12 ounce sides. You will get all this for just $65 it is an $80 value. What? You say you want both the shrimp and the wings! Ok just add $12. You need extra sides no problem. Thank you again for the fantastic response CCC!!!!!

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July 2, 2018

Thank you Arcadia for a great day! I will be here for a while cleaning up so if you didn’t make it down I am keeping the fryers and griddle hot while I clean up if the window is still open I can still take your order. Thank you again CCC.

July 2, 2018

Good Morning Arcadia, good news we will be here thru Wednesday July 4th. Today we will do $1 each wings. For the forth we will be doing a family fun pack deal these will usually feed 6-10 people and give you a variety of items to try out stay tuned and we will give you all the details. Thank you for your welcoming last week CCC!!

July 1, 2018

Good Morning Beulah, I want to give you a heads up we will be monitoring the temperature in the trailer today and will have to shut down if it reaches a point that is no longer safe for us and safe to serve you the food. I cannot compromise my helpers or your safety at a minimum we will shut down from 2-4:30pm for a break and to try getting the temperature under control. I hope everyone is having a great weekend hope to see you soon. CCC

June 27,2018

Good Morning Beulah!!!! We are back with y’all today & the rest of the week!! Stop on Down and grab some good food!! We had a great 2 days in Arcadia thanks to all who came out we are so appreciative of the warm welcome. Be back next week same time, same place!!


Thank you Arcadia what an awesome two days. We will see you next week and may even have a surprise for you for being so terrific on this maiden voyage. CCC

June 26, 2018

Good morning Arcadia, we have a special treat for you today, it’s a Southern Sin Fish Fry!!!! The fish options are Catfish, Grouper, Shrimp, Yellow Perch, Pacific Snapper or Barramund! You can take a choice of 2 for $12 or pick 3 for $15. It comes with Hushpuppies and 2 more sides. This is a great deal and a rare chance to try some different kinds of fish, they are all excellent so come on down. Thank you again for the turnout yesterday and remember we will back in Beulah tomorrow thru Sunday and back in Arcadia next Monday and Tuesday. CCC

June 25, 2108

Hello and Good morning Arcadia, today’s special is a free bag of Great Lakes Potato Chips with the purchase of any sandwich. We will have some special guests hanging out with us today and tomorrow so come down get some great 100% homemade from scratch BBQ, seafood or Cajun Gumbo And take a picture with our world famous guests!!! Thank you and have a great day CCC